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An image featuring the Sunshine State Biodiversity Group logo and the Tallahassee Film Festival logos side by side

2023 Events

The Sunshine State Biodiversity Group kicks off its inaugural year of events this spring with a robust program showcasing out-of-town guests and hyper-local community involvement. After having hosted an an ultra-successful Word of South afternoon of programming, SSBG is excited to sponsor and curate an eco film suite for the Tallahassee Film Festival. Our board speakers also provided a keynote for the Florida Florida Native Plant Society Conference this year and a rewilding conversation for Jubilee Orchard's wilderness festival, cosponsored by Tall Timbers.

September 2, 2023, Saturday, 1:30pm, Tallahassee Film Festival,
Cinema at the Residence Inn (600 W. Gaines)
“Environment in Focus: ”A Program of Film and Video Shorts 
Introduced by Ali Sperling and Jeff VanderMeer

The Sunshine State Biodiversity Group is pleased to curate a Sunday afternoon of 8 short environmental films, ranging from the local to the international.  At the Residence Inn on West Gaines Street, followed by a conversation with filmmakers Dave Rodriguez, Ian Edward Weir, Susan Anderson, and Shoog McDaniel, moderated by SSBG's film curator, community outreach director and VP Alison Sperling. Introductions by SSBG founder Jeff VanderMeer. Check out the full schedule and get your tickets today! (Many thanks to Leacock Design for the SSBG film fest poster and brochure.)

Flier for the Environment in Focus program at the Tallahassee Film Festival


April 23, 2023, at Cascades Park, Tallahassee: “An Afternoon of Environmental Programming at Word of South”

The Sunshine State Biodiversity Group is pleased to be curating a Sunday afternoon of environmental programming on the Midtown Reader stage at the Word of South Festival. Guests presented by SSBG include NEA grant recipient Brian Evenson, Whiting Award-winning poet Vanessa Angélica Villarreal, Orion Magazine executive director Amy Brady, and Guggenheim Fellow Alexandra Kleeman. The focus will be on the intersection of landscape and human experience as well as an environmental panel, with discussion about the challenges facing both Florida and the world. Check out the full schedule!

April 29, 2023, 9-10 am, Florida Native Plant Society Conference: “A Personal Rewilding Journey”

SSBG President Jeff VanderMeer talks about his own personal journey in rewilding his yard in Tallahassee, via Zoom. VanderMeer is one of two keynote speakers, along with Doug Tallamy. The Florida Native Plant Society is celebrating their forty-second year as one of Florida’s most vital environmental institutions.

Logo of the Florida Native Plant Society featuring an open palm frond

May 20, 2023, at Jubilee Orchards, Tallahassee: “A Rewilding Conversation” for Tall Timbers Event

SSBG President Jeff VanderMeer and Community Outreach Director Ali Sperling will speak at a Jubilee Orchards conservation event hosted by Tall Timbers , on the subject of rewilding. The event will feature vendors, food, demonstrations about everything from native gardening to prescribed burning, tours of the property, and kid’s activities.

An image of the logo for Jubilee Orchards
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